{March 16, 2008}   meet me on facebook!

well, it’s official!  I’m on the road to becoming truly tech-savvy:  I’ve joined facebook!  And I’m in love with it — it’s so much fun to poke people, send random gifts (today I got an egg!), and “see” people I haven’t seen in forever.

Look me up and become my friend!


{February 4, 2008}   new tattoo?

I’m currently trying to decide on a new tattoo:  help me decide what to get!

Click here!

{December 6, 2007}   PM in the AM

In my own coded world, PM in the AM is an awful lot of fun.

Thanks to a friend for showing me this link to Bust’s Girl Wide Web.  It’s mad cool; 12,928 links for you to choose from.  Bust is a mad cool magazine anyway — always a good Holiday giveaway.  Along with Mother Earth News.  But then I start thinking about how much paper is wasted with subscriptions to magazines (my own personal subscriptions included…) and I wonder if I should just read things online.

Update on A Shot at Love:  We are down to two shots and Dani is still in the running!  Dani is adorable.

8 more working days until the semester ends.  I’m woefully prepared for next semester so it’s down to the wire.  18 days until Jamaica…

{November 13, 2007}   A PhD, Lars, and cards

I just returned from a 5 day trip to Champaign, Illinois (home of the University of Illinois.)  I did a guest lecture for LIS 506:  Youth Services Librarianship and I did a brown bag lunch about serving queer youth in libraries.  Both were interesting and went well.  I enjoyed the teaching and being in such an “academic” atmosphere really made me want to apply to graduate school.

BUT…at what cost?  I am having trouble writing a personal statement, my research statement doesn’t seem to “match” with what the faculty there are studying, etc.  And how ironic is that?  Aren’t you supposed to go do a PhD because you might, just might, have something NEW to add to the field?  They will only admit you if someone there can support your field of study…so I can only study what they’ve already studied?  Makes sense.

 I did see the movie Lars and the Real Girl while in Champaign and it’s now in my top 10 of all time.  Ryan Gosling does a fantastic job of playing a delusional guy who falls in love with a doll he finds on the internet.  It’s enderaring and very sweet and full of life.  See it!

Lastly, I played cards with friends while in Champaign.  I realized that I am not the kind of person who arranges my cards by suit — what does that say about me?

{October 31, 2007}   do you think?

you can only have a “boob job” if you’re having a breast augmentation?

why can’t you have a breast reduction for cosmetic reasons (i.e., i want them to look smaller.)

{October 30, 2007}   manscape and Tila Tequila

Today’s word is “manscape:”  “To remove excess body hair on a man via waxing, shaving, plucking, or other method.  Common metrosexual activity.” 

FYI, if your nickname is “Sweater,” you might want to consider having some manscaping done.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is my new favorite show on MTV.  During the first episode, 32 people had a “shot at love” with Tila Tequila:  16 men and 16 women.  10 were eliminated after the first night and we were down to 22:  11 men and 11 women.  Tila then “revealved” the fact that she is…bisexual.  So now the race is on between the men and the women; who will Tequila end up with?

Dani is my favorite character.  She refers to herself as a “futch” — not quite feminine, but not quite butch, either.


{October 29, 2007}   word ‘o the day

I am now enthralled with the Urban Dictionary (Fularious Street Slang Defined.)  I will try to use a new word here everyday and I challenge each of you to use some ridonkulous word in normal, everyday conversation each and every day.

Today’s word is:


defined as “A Vanilla Ice-style way of saying ‘must’ or ‘have to.'”  As in, I GOTSTA to get a new car because mine is a rust bucket.

et cetera